Join the fourth annual startup competition + conference
on April 13 + 14 in NYC to Create Tomorrow.


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The Startup Columbia entrepreneurship festival is an
inspiring glimpse at how the best minds are
solving the biggest problems.

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Featured Events

FRI. 12:15-02:00


Join us for lunch and shopping at the StartupMarket! Eat lunch and mingle with friends, colleagues, and fellow entrepreneurs and purchase the latest products from Columbia-founded startups. Incredible food will be catered by acclaimed food startups. Come hungry - lunch is included in your ticket!

FRI. 11:15-11:45

Fireside Chat: Biotechnology

Through a fireside chat, Regeneron Chief Scientific Officer George Yancopoulos, EpiBone CEO Nina Tandon, and Plum Alley Investments Founder Deborah Jackson will discuss trends in the biotech industry and explore the way genomics, personalized medicine, and innovative investment can change the face of the healthcare.

THURS. 7:30-08:30

Keynote: TBA

This year, we're extremely excited to be hosting a rockstar of entrepeneurship. We can hardly wait to announce the star guest we'll be sharing with you later this month.

Featured Panels

Driving Tomorrow

Autonomous cars have the potential to completely disrupt the way consumers approach and interact with transportation. We'll discuss the recent trends in driverless cars and autonomous technologies and the legal and financial challenges driverless car companies face today. We'll explore the different approaches companies (both large and small!) are using to address driverless cars, and the potential intersection between autonomous cars and ride-sharing. Finally, we'll project what the future holds for driverless car technologies within the automotive industry.

Clean Tomorrow

The world seeks innovative solutions to combat climate change. Through advancing technologies in clean energy, like wind- and solar-harnessed power sources, we can reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon capture and storage technologies aim to remove carbon emissions already present in the atmosphere. Finally, solar radiation management research explores novel - and controversial - ways to block the heating of our planet. We'll explore the potential these different technologies have and the different tech and cleantech companies that are leading the effort to avoid a global climate crisis.

Inclusive Tomorrow

Startup Columbia will feature strong female entrepreneurs who are changing the face of entrepreneurship through their innovative businesses and creative problem-solving. We'll explore the unique challenges, issues, and opportunities that female entrepreneurs face, and discuss the obstacles they encounter in launching, scaling, and running their businesses. By showcasing some of the women who are changing the world through entrepreneurship, we'll inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs to create meaningful change and solve the problems they see in their communities.

We Love

Columbia Venture Competition:

Your Chance to Win a Piece of $250k

The CVC has five tracks or challenges. Each challenge will split $50K among the top three winners. Three of the challenges are open to all students and all recent alumni (within five years of degree) from across the worldwide Columbia community. The Undergraduate Challenge, sponsored by Columbia College, is open to all current Columbia and Barnard College undergrads. CVC judges will come from across Columbia’s worldwide alumni community and will represent diverse backgrounds and a wide-ranging set of expertise.

StartupColumbia Challenge

This challenge is all about customer development and demonstrating product-market fit. Cash grants will be awarded to those teams that best prepare and present compelling and empirical evidence of market acceptance for their value propositions. If you don’t have empirical evidence, this is not the Challenge for you. For second-round submissions and final presentations, documented proof of business model viability must be provided. This proof may come in the form of qualitative and quantitative market surveys, customer development interview summaries, or current customer, revenue, or unit shipment counts.

Eligibility: Open to all Columbia University students and recent alumni (five years or less from their most recent degree).

Technology Challenge, Sponsored by Columbia Engineering

Entries must include business models based on a solid foundation of applied, solution-focused, technology innovation. Submissions must focus on product development, innovative design, and “builder” technologies including data analytics, biomendical solutions, software, or hardware. Cross-disciplinary teams are strongly encouraged.

Eligibility: Open to all Columbia University students and recent alumni (five years or less from their most recent degree).

Global Technology Challenge, Sponsored by Columbia Engineering

Entries must include technology or data-driven solutions to address global challenges. These challenges could represent problems—whether environmental, sustainability, health, disaster relief, or security-related. Cross-disciplinary teams are strongly encouraged.

Eligibility: Open to all Columbia University students and recent alumni (five years or less from their most recent degree).

Columbia Undergraduate Challenge, Sponsored by Columbia College

Prize grants will be awarded to the top teams with the most innovative and viable business model. Winning entries must document the incorporation of customer or user feedback into the design of their business model.

Eligibility: Open only to undergraduate teams from Columbia University and Barnard College. Undergraduates from other universities may enter as members of Columbia- or Barnard-teams but the roles of the founders must be provided and the length of time each founder has been working with the team must also be provided.

SIPA Dean's Public Policy Challenge Grant

The Public Policy Grant Program of Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) invites students to form teams to propose student-designed projects and prototypes that use ICTs and/or data analytics to solve urban problems around the world. Solutions may be market-based, public/philanthropic supported, or a mix. The Program encourages the formation of teams that integrate students of public policy, computer science, engineering and other fields across Columbia University. All teams must include at least one SIPA student in a substantive role.

Eligibility: Eligibility: Rules, eligibility and deadlines for this challenge are separate from other challenges. For details, email