Columbia University's Second Annual Entrepreneurship Festival
"New York Innovation"

The annual #StartupColumbia Festival is Columbia University's two-day conference that brings together
the Columbia, Barnard, and Manhattan entrepreneurial community in celebration of innovation, entrepreneurship,
and the creation of new ventures that make our lives richer and address the world's most vexing problems. 

Extending beyond the Morningside campus, the 2015 Festival aims to engage the broader entrepreneurial community by having Barnard host the Festival
and by inviting the Barnard and Athena Center for Leadership Studies students and administrators 
to be planning partners, program participants, and competitors in the Columbia Venture Competition. 

Based around the theme of "New York Innovation",  several panels will focus on industries that have long been associated with New York City:
Finance, Advertising, Media, Real Estate, and Fashion.  These panels will touch on the historical context then 
examine how the last two decades of technological advancement have turned these sectors on their heads.

The balance of the program will include announcements of the $250,000 Columbia Venture Competition winners,
a keynote on social entrepreneurship, a panel on  “Building the NYC Innovation Ecosystem”,
and a closing keynote by Gotham Gal Ventures founder Joanne Wilson.
Please join us.

2015 #StartupColumbia Sponsors

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