Columbia University's Second Annual Entrepreneurship Festival.

April 23 + 24, 2015 at NYC to Create Tomorrow.

The Second Annual #StartupColumbia Festival: "NYC Innovation"

The #StartupColumbia Festival is more than just a celebration in April, it's a semester long event beginning with the opening of the $250,000 Columbia Venture Competition(CVC) in January, the CVC finalist workshops in March, the live pitches to determine the CVC winners on April 23rd and of course the nine-hour conference on April 24th.

This year, the Festival is based around the theme of “NYC Innovation” the conference will feature four panels, two mini keynote addresses, the CVC award announcements with the distribution of $250,000 in grants for the CVC winners, and finally the closing keynote.

Fashion Innovation Panel Liz Bacelar ‘06JRN, founder of Decoded Fashion a global event series focused on connecting decision-makers in Fashion to emerging technologies, will lead our Fashion Innovation Panel.

FinTech Panel CNBC reporter Kayla McCall Tausche will moderate a panel of FinTech experts. Sit back and listen her panel discuss disintermediation in the financial world. Imagine currency, investments and payments without governments, brokers, or banks.

AdTech - MadMen in the Digital Age Mike Brown Jr. ‘06CC, General Partner at Bowery Capital, will lead a conversation about the explosive diversification of media, SEO, content marketing, native advertising, and how the roles of CMO, CIO, and CTO have changed since the days Don Draper roamed Madison Ave.

Building The NYC Innovation Ecosystem Fortune Magazine editor Erin Griffin and her panel will explore the reasons why New York City has become the nation's second leading city for new venture investment. Mayor Bloomberg's initiatives, changes in the macro economy favoring innovation, and NYC's unique character and culture have all been part of this trend.

Impact Investment Entrepreneurship at Columbia is not all about becoming the world’s next youngest billionaire. Many of our young entrepreneurs have set their sights on leaving this world a better place. Kesha Cash ’10 BUS, Founder and General Partner Impact America Fund will speak from the heart about the sweet spot between commerce and social good.

Conference Speakers


Festival Highlights




Columbia Venture Competition

Congratulations to the 2015 Winners

CVC SIPA Dean's Challenge Winners Announcement

1st Place | $30,000

Remit Mas

2nd Place | $20,000


#StartupColumbia Challenge

1st Place | $25,000

Wandering Bear

2nd Place | $15,000


3rd Place | $10,000

Undergraduate Challenge sponsored by Columbia College

1st Place | $25,000

Academy Of

2nd Place | $15,000


3rd Place | $10,000


Tech Challenge sponsored by Columbia Engineering

1st Place | $25,000

Neovel Technologies

2nd Place | $15,000


3rd Place | $10,000


Global Tech Challenge sponsored by Columbia Engineering

1st Place | $25,000


2nd Place | $15,000

Matri Tek

3rd Place | $10,000



Thank you to the Judges that took time to participate in the Final Round Pitch competition