Columbia University's fourth annual startup competition + conference on April 13 + 14, 2017 at NYC to Create Tomorrow.

StartupColumbia is a two-day celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship. Day 1 is the culmination of the $250,000 Columbia Venture Competition. Day 2 is the all-day conference featuring innovators and entrepreneurs examining future solutions to the world's most vexing problems.

Conference Speakers


Join us for lunch the Columbia Food Founders' Fare, a great place to eat and network during the conference. Columbia-founded food startups will cater the conference and hold an innovative pop-up bazaar. Bring your appetites. 

Click on the logos below to learn more about the teams who'll be serving lunch.




Columbia Venture Competition

Congratulations to the 2017 FINALISTS & WINNERS

SIPA Dean's Public Policy Challenge Grant

Remaining Finalists


Alexei Gittelson ʼ17SIPA, Johnathon Adam de Villier ʼ17SIPA
Connects researchers seeking data on a wide variety of natural features
Honorable Mention Winner!


Andy Chen Wang ʼ18SIPA, Shreemathi Tumkur ʼ18SIPA
Online social platform to collaborate, network, and engage with local governments
Honorable Mention Winner!


Gabriel Guggisberg ʼ18SIPA
Platform that connects consumers & supplies of solar tech in developing countries
Honorable Mention Winner!

Tied 1st Place | $15,000

FiveOne Labs

Sophia Burton ʼ17SIPA, Patricia Letayf ʼ17SIPA, Alice Bosley ʼ17SIPA

Incubator for displaced & conflict-affected entrepreneurs in the Middle East

Tied 1st Place | $15,000


Olivia Marie Arguinzoni ʼ17SIPA, Malgosia Rejniak ʼ18SIPA

Encouraging motorcyclists in India to wear helmets

Tied 1st Place | $15,000


Fang Liu ʼ17SIPA, Xinwei Gao ʼ17SIPA

Technology and medical data to provide senior citizens with better options

#StartupColumbia Challenge

Remaining Finalists

Eat Offbeat

Manal Kahi ʼ15SIPA
We deliver authentic meals made by refugees

Mekhos Health

Anirban Gangopadhyay ʼ14SEAS, Vikas Vavilala- ’14CC
Automate clinical trial recruitment


Tatiana Sorokina ʼ12BUS,  Louisy Raymond, Bentley University
We democratize access to education

Second Line Vinyl

Michael Thomas ʼ17GS, Zane Howard, U. Pittsburgh
World’s first modern manufacturer of vinyl records

1st Place | $25,000


Lorraine White ʼ17BUS ʼ10CC, Jackie Churchwell ʼ17BUS

We empower women through enhanced sexual wellness

2nd Place | $15,000


Saad Shaikh ʼ17BUS, Salman Ali ʼ17BUS

The future of sleep telemedicine

3rd Place | $10,000


Sarah Lux-Lee ʼ16SIPA

Events for the intellectually curious parents (babies welcome)

Undergraduate Challenge sponsored by Columbia College

Remaining Finalists


Alex Nicita ʼ20CC, Ian Yiran Huang ʼ20CC, Kevin Chu ʼ19CC, Josh Learn ʼ20SEAS
Platform linking current students with prospective students for a more personalized and immersed campus tour


Justin Donovan ʼ19CC, Mike Bulkin ʼ20CC, Conder Shou ʼ19CC
Gallo allows high-volume gasoline purchasers to pre-purchase gasoline at wholesale prices.


Riley Jones ʼ17CC, John Kotey ʼ17SEAS, Summer Payton ʼ17BC, Ibrahima Niang ʼ17GS, Ibrahima Niang ʼ18SEAS
Software service delivery digital venture development tools for entrepreneurs of color


Matt Piccolella ʼ17SEAS
Making it easier for people to discover the best half-and-full day trips in their city

1st Place | $25,000


Alan Gou ʼ17SEAS, George Liu ʼ17CC

Platform used by teams to plan, record, and learn from growth and marketing experiments

2nd Place | $15,000


Chiara Vallini ʼ17SEAS, Caroline Chiu ʼ17SEAS, Hae Seong Kim ʼ17SEAS, John Mavroudes ʼ17SEAS, Walid Rahman ʼ17SEAS

Team dedicated to develop anti-tremor device to improve lives

3rd Place | $10,000


Derek Netto ʼ17SEAS

Motion controller for mobile gaming

Tech Challenge sponsored by Columbia Engineering

Remaining Finalists

TempRes Technology

Chathuranga De Silva ʼ17SEAS, Porakrit Leophairatana ʼ17SEAS
Temperature responsive antimicrobial film for medical applications


Conor Russomanno ʼ11SEAS, Andrea Ortuno ʼ16SEAS
Open-sources innovation of human-computer interface technologies

Nascent Energy Systems

Keith Heyde ʼ12SEAS
Efficient energy harvesting for rail infrastructure optimization

1st Place | $25,000

Voyant Photonics

Chris Phare ʼ17SEAS

Tiny, cheap laser radar for self-driving cars

2nd Place | $15,000


Charles Pan ʼ16SEAS, Aonnicha Burapachaisri ʼ16SEAS, Aishwarya Raja ʼ16SEAS

CatheCare sterilizes catheter hubs and saves lives

3rd Place | $10,000


Mariko Kanai ʼ17CC, Holly Wobma ʼ19CUMC

Off-the-shelf stem cell therapy for immune disorders

Global Tech Challenge sponsored by Columbia Engineering

Remaining Finalists


Jeremy Hopkins ʼ18BUS
Online marketplace to scale energy efficiency globally

La Plataforma

Tessa Flippin ʼ16BUS
Remittance platform for Latin America using bitcoin


Aline Sara ʼ14SIPA
Online language practice and learning delivered by refugees

HIC Chair

Narmine Ben Aissa
Training smart cushion to prevent back pain

1st Place | $25,000


Kaushik Kappagantulu ʼ17BUS

Affordable greenhouses helping smallholder farmers battle poverty

2nd Place | $15,000

Luso Labs

Ritish Patnaik ʼ16SEAS, Olachi Oleru ʼ16SEAS

Automated, accurate, and accessible cervical cancer screening

3rd Place | $10,000

Allied Microbiota

Frana James ʼ16SEAS

Cheaper, more effective clean up of pollutants


Thank you to the Judges that took time to participate in the Final Round Pitch competition