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Design Sprint: Developing Early Stage Startup Ideas

Design Sprint: Developing Early Stage Startup Ideas

With Adam Royalty, Designer in Residence


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What: A two week sprint focusing on founder idea fit and customer exploration

When: Founder idea fit; Friday 11/13/15, 1pm — 3pm.  Customer Exploration; Friday 11/20/15, 1pm — 3pm.

Where: Room 430 Riverside Church; There is a central elevator bank that you can assess from Claremont Street. Go to the fourth floor and turn left.

This sprint is designed for students who have a problem they are excited to solve or an idea they want to explore. This is also an opportunity for students who may not have an venture in mind but want to help work on someone else’s.

The first session will focus on flushing out ideas and figuring out how to use the strenghts of a founding team. Applying design tools to uncover needs and frame problems will highlight the second session.

Note: it is recommended, but not required, that people experience both sessions.