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Choices, Energy Policy, and Climate Change by Jeffrey Sachs

Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Economics Professor, Senior UN Advisor, Columnist, will speak to energy against the backdrop of the new political climate.

"President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to resurrect coal, promote gas fracking, and restart the Keystone XL pipeline project to bring Alberta, Canada’s oil sands to market. He won’t get far. Today’s low world prices of oil, coal, and gas reflect the fact that newly installed power generation and vehicles worldwide are shifting decisively to low-carbon energy. Trump may well try to resist the tide at the start. In that case, climate change would quickly become his biggest controversy, costing decisive political capital as the climate debate engulfs his nominations, undercuts America’s diplomacy, and stymies infrastructure plans as well."

— Jeffrey Sachs, November 2016 The Boston Globe

Jeffrey Sachs Keynote - Choices Energy Policy Climate | StartupColumbia 2017