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Mini Keynote: Data Ethics with Jeanette Wing

Jeannette Wing is the Avanessians Director of the Data Science Institute at Columbia. Dramatic advancements in data science have fueled explosions in the methods and amounts of data we collect. Jeannette comes to Columbia from Microsoft, where for the past four years she has been Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Research, overseeing a global network of research labs. She is widely recognized for her intellectual leadership in computer science, and is now helping to define the new, emerging field of data science. 

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence are promising great advancements for our society. However, the speed of progress in Data Science is setting off some alarms.  The possibilities could inspire impassioned data scientists, but advancement without caution and consideration for consequence could lead to great harm. By engaging with world-class philosophers, economists, practitioners, and more, we hope to understand the implications of AI better. Join Jeannette Wing, Avanessians Director of the Data Science Institute at Columbia for a frank and provocative discussion about how Data Science is changing our world.