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Panel: Astropreneurship and the coming of the NewSpace revolution 

Astropreneurship and the coming of the NewSpace revolution

Sputnik, meet Falcon Heavy.  “Old space” was a race between the US and the Soviet Union, an extension of the Cold War fueled by fear.  Since then, the power centers of innovation have shifted.  NewSpace is entrepreneurial and aspirational. It may seem like reaching for the stars, but the revolution is here.  The movement has already produced a highly visible, globally emerging, private space innovation industry. Elon Musk of SpaceX, Jeff Bezos of Blue Origin, and Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic are in the headlines. Join Singularity University fellow Sidney Nakahodo, former NASA astronauts, NewSpace founders, and technologists for a conversation about how a distinctly commercially-minded, aerospace startups are working independently to develop faster, better, and cheaper technologies that will democratize space and the usher in a proliferation of space technologies.