AMANDA RAPOSO^‘18BUS^Founder & CEO of Project Playdate

Amanda Raposo.png

As the founder of Project Playdate, Amanda has been supporting children in the cultivation of joy, curiosity, and meaningful connection since 2012. After over 13 years as a child care professional and entrepreneur, Amanda has social care down to a science. She is using her passion and expertise to drive the vision behind PAL.

PAL by Project Playdate is a platform that connects parents with shared child care needs to a highly selective network of child care professionals. By allowing families to split the cost of care, PAL achieves higher quality and socially enriching care at a lower price point for parents.

Amanda graduated from New York University with a B.A. in Social Work and holds her MBA from Columbia University. She is highly active in the Columbia community and NYC startup eco-system, mentoring and advising young entrepreneurs starting their own business'. As winner of the 2018 Startup Columbia Challenge, Amanda is honored to be back as a judge and excited to be a part of the 2019 Startup Columbia Festival.