CHRISTIAN LAWLESS^^Founder and General Partner of Conversion Capital LLC

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Christian Lawless is the Founder and General Partner of Conversion Capital LLC. He focuses on early and growth stage enterprise software investments with application to Financial Services and Defense. Christian has led investments for Conversion in companies like Improbable, Orchard Platform, Blend Labs, RedOwl Analytics, Booster Fuels, Immuta, Fiscal Note, Pre-Data, Planetary Resources, LearnVest (acquired), and Paribus (acquired). He has been a Strategic Advisor and Board Member to numerous companies, most recently Immuta, Orchard Platform and Blend Labs. He is well known for his insights into the ways technology is revolutionizing capital markets, and both the opportunities and challenges that this revolution poses for capital market governance and systemic stability. He is regularly consulted by US and European government and intelligence officials for this expertise, and is a frequent lecturer on the Future of Financial Services at various Universities and conferences. Christian is also the Managing Partner at Conversion Capital Group, which operates Conversion Intelligence, Conversion Advisory and Omada.  Prior to founding Conversion Capital, Christian served as Managing Director at firms like Lehman Brothers, Nomura and Barclays in both North America and Europe. He is a member of the Atlantic Council and received a B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan University.

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