MATHEW PREGASEN^‘18SEAS^co-founder of Parsegon


Mathew Pregasen ‘18SEAS, founded Parsegon with Rikhav Shah (MIT) during his sophomore year, intending to tackle the note-taking problem for math students. Mathew was previously the CTO of UProspie - a private college tour company - and has served as a technical advisor to other startups primarily specializing in restructuring codebases to optimize future development. He founded the Undergraduate Times in 2014, which held the title of the largest centralized undergraduate publication for a short few months before dissolving due to a change in the team's interests. Both Rikhav and Mathew are listed as inventors under Parsegon's patent provisional Natural Language Parsing technology, and have open sourced other libraries such as math.css which is the first non-compile-based digital math library. In general, Mathew is enthusiastic about strains of tea leaves, the future of education, and subsequent reform in pedagogy theory.