NANCY MILLER^^Editor-in-Chief of GOOD

Nancy Miller is GOOD's Editor-in-Chief. In February, GOOD won its first National Magazine Award for our cover story The Good Guide to Donald Trump: "What Can He Really Do? What Can We Do About It?" She has previously worked as deputy editor of Los Angeles magazine, senior editor at Wired, and staff writer at Entertainment Weekly. After starting a career in magazine journalism in New York, Ms. Miller moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and worked as a correspondent for Entertainment Weekly as well as an on-air producer for KCRW in Santa Monica. From 2006 to 2010, she was a senior editor at Wired magazine, where she worked on cover stories, digital development, and launched their podcast network.

She later went on to become the West Coast Editorial Director at Fast Company. In 2012, she landed at Los Angeles Magazine as Deputy Editor, earning the magazine a National Magazine Award in 2013 and an additional ASME nomination the following year. Her editorial work spans print, digital, podcasts and video, with an editorial focus on how technology, innovation, creativity and storytelling shape our world. She’s a graduate of the University of San Francisco.

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