SCOTT LEE^’14SEAS^Founder of Gooroo

Scott Lee ’14SEAS.png

Scott Lee ‘14SEAS is the CEO and Founder of Gooroo, an online platform that is revolutionizing the tutoring and education industry. Gooroo is the leading tutoring marketplace that allows students and parents to find and book the perfect tutor based on their specifications within a couple of clicks.

An innate entrepreneur, Scott founded his first company,, while still in high school. He launched this non-profit English volunteering platform and connected more than 7,000 English tutors with underserved children in Korea. During his college years, he co-founded Mud Cafe, a niche online fashion retailer. Scott also served as a sergeant and squad leader in the Republic of Korea Army, where he developed his skills of leadership, strategy, and problem-solving. Upon graduation, he went on to JP Morgan Chase as a Senior Analyst in its Chief Investment Office before returning to his true passions of entrepreneurship and education to found Gooroo.

Scott was born and raised in South Korea and has resided in NYC since receiving his B.S. in Operations Research at Columbia University. He has served as a Special Advisor for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics and currently serves as an Advisor for ReadFeed, an online book club application. Now, Scott looks to make Gooroo the one-stop-shop for all things learning.