THOMAS A. BOCK^MD, MBA^CEO & Board Director; HeritX

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Dr. Thomas Bock is a physician and leader of healthcare/technology organizations with profound patient and business impact. A pioneer of new fields, technologies and models, he serves on the Healthcare Advisory Board of Columbia Business School and as advisor/reviewer at the Columbia Translational Therapeutics Accelerator and the Robertson Therapeutic Development Fund at Rockefeller University.

Thomas has been a practicing physician and cancer researcher at academic centers in Europe and the US and worked on stem cell/gene therapies at the National Human Genome Research Center, NIH. He built the global medical department of two leaders in cancer (Novartis, Celgene) and the leader in ultra-rare diseases, Alexion, rated by Forbes as #2 innovative company across all industries. During this time, he co- developed and commercialized groundbreaking, life-saving medicines including the 1st cancer precision medicine, the 1st immuno-modulating cancer therapy and the 1st immunotherapy for an ultra-rare disease.

When his wife was diagnosed with two inherited BRCA cancers threatening her and their children, Thomas founded the technology company HeritX, the 1st venture focused on developing preventive medicines for inherited cancer (pre-cancer vaccines and others). To break through the traditional barriers to disease prevention funding, he created a chimeric financing model for groundbreaking innovation (leveraging non-profit/for-profit investments) together with an open-source/fast-track R&D platform to turn ideas into available therapies 3x faster than conventional benchmarks. In only three years, HeritX achieved the largest cancer prevention pipeline worldwide.

Seizing the convergence of big data computing, digital healthcare technology and artificial intelligence, Thomas drove data collaborations across healthcare stakeholders that created robust real-world evidence and enabled value-based reimbursement, including patient/disease registries, medical risk evaluation/ mitigation systems and a blockchain technology venture.

Passionate about innovation that truly transforms people’s health, Thomas considers digital technology/ artificial intelligence the next frontier in medicine and healthcare. He believes we can make these fields better, faster, leaner and safer at unprecedented scale if pursued with the right focus, insight – and the care & integrity that patients deserve.

Knowledge gets you from A to B. Imagination takes you everywhere
— Albert Einstein

Thomas A. Bock | Chester, NJ | | (908) 809-5734