Alcohol by Volume

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The % alcohol by volume is on every alcoholic beverage label in the world, including the case of wine and the bottle of tequila we drank the night we decided to start our own company. Today, ALC/VOL offers a diverse portfolio of wines from California’s premier growing regions. Our mission is to turn up the volume on wines that we believe will be the next rock stars of the wine world. ALC/VOL was founded by Gregory Ahn (CBS ’05)  in 2010.  A recovering corporate refugee turned serial entrepreneur, Greg spends most of his time trying to keep ALC/VOL from going off the rails while still finding new opportunities to explore. He is not officially allowed to have any free time, but on occasion we do let him go home for an hour to see his wife and 3 kids, and record a follow up to his YouTube sensation, Gangnam Style.