Be Girl


Be Girl is a for-profit social enterprise focused on empowering women through design; dedicated to creating extremely affordable, aspirational and high- performance products that support, enhance and enable women and girls’ autonomy and agency while generating opportunities to radically improve their quality of life. Be Girl was founded by Columbia University MSc in Sustainability Management 2012 graduates Diana B. Sierra and Pablo Freund.

UNICEF estimates that 1 in 10 African adolescent girls miss school during menstruation and drop out because of menstruation-related issues. Be Girl has revolutionized MHM with a design breakthrough that combines the best features of existing products and adapts them to low resource environments. 

The result is revolutionary hybrid reusable andwashable waterproof menstrual products giving women and girls the option and independence to adapt it according to their access to water and available resources in their own environment. After Be Girl’s pilot studies conducted in Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda and Tanzania in partnership with Columbia University and the Millennium Villages initiative concluded, our social enterprise was launched in 2014. After securing Angel investment, Be Girl set out to create a comprehensive product offering with the aim of empowering women everywhere through a global brand that offers the highest performance products at the lowest possible price regardless of location. In 2015, Be Girl will launch its global offering, aiming to “create equality within gender to support gender equality.” The same Be Girl products will be available to girls in a village in rural Kenya, in urban Guatemala or in New York City- making breaking the taboo about menstruation a global goal.