Korilla BBQ


Korilla BBQ: The brand sounds like Gorilla, but their trucks look like tigers; the flavors are Korean but served south-of-the-border style. Though we can't really explain the animal hybrid, cultural mash-ups are a way of life for Queens native Eddie Song, who says, "Whoever said America was a melting pot must've been a straphanger on the 7 train." After graduating from Columbia, Song chucked his economics degree to catch food-truck fever, with a mission to spread his passion for Korean food. Favoring tortillas over cutlery, Korilla's famous bulgogi burrito was born. A Vendy Award and a stint on Food Network's Great Food Truck Race followed, and now three tiger-striped vehicles prowl the streets of NYC. Korilla BBQ has become a household name in NYC and serves hundreds of New Yorkers everyday with their iconic truck & new storefront in the East Village