La Mère Beverage Company

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Alcohol-free wine…re-imagined. La Mère is not only a beverage company, but also a movement. Our product is wine, real wine, that has been de-alcoholized to less than 0.0% alcohol through an extensive distillation process. The phrase “La Mère” translates to “the mother” in French. We first created La Mère to give expectant mothers a tasty and healthy alternative to wine during pregnancy. Later,  we realized how many people, and types of people, could benefit from this product. Because of this low level of alcohol, our beverage can not only be safe for consumption during pregnancy, but is also halal-certified, proving the confidence doctors and religious leaders alike have in our process. Currently, in supermarkets and restaurants, there is limited optionality for those who wish to avoid alcohol, for either health, religious, or other personal reasons. La Mère aims to change that. We want to mainstream alcohol-free wine. Whether people are avoiding alcohol specifically or simply wish to have a low-calorie alternative to alcohol, La Mère can be their beverage of choice.